Fiery Archer is an independent UK-based film production company with medium-term plans to assist the careers and projects of independent filmmakers through marketing and distribution solutions.

Our first two self-financed film productions - Tandem and Walking with the Ferryman - have so far been screened at 23 international film festivals across all five major continents, picking up 2 awards and numerous award nominations. Our films have screened at Mexico's world-class Cineteca Nacional and at Cinema Massimo, the avante-garde showcase multiplex managed by Italy's Museo Nazionale del Cinema. We also made the award-nominated matriarch-centred fantasy short Waltz Into Moonlight.

We were thrilled to find that, through the democratisation of film consumption made possible by new media, a grassroots, public-led buzz resulted in the trailer for our film Walking with the Ferryman receiving 10,000 views on Vimeo alone in its first three months. To date, the trailers for Tandem and Walking with the Ferryman have a combined Vimeo total of over 80,000 views. One of our trailers comfortably sits inside the top 0.25% most viewed trailers of all time on Vimeo. We've enjoyed the support of audiences in over 35 countries worldwide through self-distribution channels. Thanks to our supportive audience!

A further short film, produced before our formation as a company, received a UK national television broadcast on Sky Channel 219.

Our primary focus has been to produce intelligent, entertaining, quality work with high production standards which defy the barriers of our minimal independent funding capabilities. We strive to make films that engage with sectors of the audience overlooked by a youth-focussed industry. We enjoy challenging stereotypes, pushing envelopes, engaging with the emotional, intellectual and the spiritual and concentrating on societal non-conformists and libertines. We have made it a priority in our creative output to treat LGBTQ audiences as far more complex and diverse than a definition of the people they go to bed with. We strongly believe that the LGBTQ community comprises millions of diverse and independent spirits.

We are pleased to be driven by a proudly working-class, award-winning filmmaker while having close associations with some of the finest upcoming film crew in the UK including talent already embraced and recognised by prestigious industry organisations including BAFTA, amongst others.

Our projects have so far had the involvement of excellent cast and crew whose household name previous credits include Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, Human Centipede II (Full Sequence) and BBC soap Eastenders who have then, after working with us, gone on to cast and crew roles in titles ranging from the James Bond movie Spectre through to numerous prominent television commercials.

As a production company, we believe that the most important endorsement is not that of the 'industry' but rather, the most important benchmark of our output we strive for is the endorsement of the audience.

We are happy to hear propositions and commissions for narrative fiction, documentary and commercial projects.

Please note that we are unable to accept unsolicited screenplays and treatments at this time.